As a Cinematographer I am interested in serving the story and the soul of a project. Each decision I make is made with the mission of the piece in mind. I work deeply in metaphor, using camera movement, lighting, and color to craft a unique visual language for each work. Every project I work on is different, and this gives me the opportunity to create and cultivate many voices.
It is the intent of all my work to give the viewer a perspective they can identify with, while pushing them to see differently. Every image or shot is crafted with perspective in mind. I think about the camera as a character and typically only deal with subjective cinematography. I want my images to say something to the viewer, to craft a visual argument. If I've done my job correctly, the viewer will not remember my cinematography, only how they felt.
I am involved in every aspect of the process, from script writing to storyboarding and from production to final edits.  This approach has helped me to better understand all aspects of filmmaking and video production in a way that allows me to have a clear and distinct vision from concept to completion.
-Bruce James Bales
I am based in the Midwest and available for assignments worldwide.